Becky Rowan

Brian reminisces about his life, how he moved in with his young family to Thamesmead in the 1970’s. His work as a builder all over London and mainly his love for his motorcycle and sidecar.

There is a warmth to his voice and a sense of pride about his life. I focused on the motorcycle but wanted to incorporate the elements of his conversation. This was done through a skyline which evolved from a photograph of the Thamesmead architecture.

I used appliqué and patchwork methods to define the areas. (1970’s, work, present day.) Beads and buttons to embellish and overstitching on the patchwork to define. Brian’s beloved motorcycle is stitched in the 1970’s section riding over the skyline- the idea being that he carried his love for it through his life where it is now one of his main focuses.

This story can be seen here:
I Love Thamesmead by Brian Gobbett


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