Elissa Madin

This story is about a woman who suffered a bad experience in Thames Mead as a child. She then moved away carrying bad feelings about the place with her. As an adult she has returned to live in Thames Mead. She has managed to cast off the bad feelings she held about the place largely due to having made a  good group of friends to support her. She enjoys being with her friends, either visiting each other’s homes for social evenings or going to the pub together.

For my piece of work I decided to appliqué a bar table and four beer bottles to represent the woman and her friends. These bottles are embroidered with the words ‘strong friends overcome together’ I wanted to represent the strength and solidarity of the women and  how they have empowered the woman to put the past behind her and change her feelings towards Thames Mead. I found using a small amount of text hidden in plain sight on the bottles useful in my work to help tell the story. At first glance you think the words are the names of the beer, it is only when you look closer that you see what they say.

Follow the link to Ore Ada Baddie’s story https://g-foew.art/story/the-girl-of-thamesmead/

This story can be seen here:
The Girl of Thamesmead by Ore Ada Baddie


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