Grace Richardson

“John” is a brief story of a woman describing her son she lost when he was very young. She described him to love fire trucks and would say he wanted to be one when he grew up. Whenever she sees a fire truck now, she says, “hi John, bye John!” and remembers him fondly.

I chose to honor John with a playful and happy children’s illustration, in my version of what John’s heaven could possibly be. It features a fire truck driving over fuzzy hills on a bright sunny day. The flowers are cucumber flowers, which were a nod to Rosie laughing about how her son loved eating cucumbers. I purposefully made the sun and the flowers extra big, thinking of how I saw the world when I was very young. The words “hi john” are embroidered in the sky to show Rosie’s way of connecting with her son.

Follow the link to Rosie’s story

This story can be seen here:
John by Rosie Pacey


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