Akua Mensah

I came to Thamesmead in 2015 after retiring from working for Shelter From The Storm Homeless Shelter in Kings Cross, Central London.
I chose the area because of the range of Nigerian and African owned African Wax Fabrics businesses nearby.
I am a Quilter and living in Thamesmead gave me easy access to a wide range of beautiful African Fabrics.
The first wall quilt I.designed and created was of the Wolverton Road area of Thamesmead.
Thamesmead is also home to a diverse community of Irish Romany Gypsies and it is simply lovely to walk down the road and see Romany Horse Buggys being ridden down by Harrow Manorway.
Thamesmead is popular with musicians looking to make pop videos and so far Beyonce and the English Rapper Dappy, have made music videos here, so Thamesmead is obviously an area that draws creativity.
I love the little Jerk Chicken Cart that sells food down by the Thistle Croft Estate, but I miss Chivas Chicken Hut which served great Fish and Chips to the Thamesmead Community.

This story can be seen here:
My Thamesmead Adventure by Akua Mensah


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