Lauran Pope

‘My Story’

Thamesmead is my home and its my worst nightmare, at the same time is a beauty and a dump, it is fun and sad. They say you can take a Thamesmead girl out of Thamesmead but can’t take Thamesmead out of the girl.

I love going lakes, abandoned old places and gas rooms anything is fun…..Too many memories in just one place I could talk about the bad and the good. Thamesmead is beautiful and horrible, there’s event around the corner and also bad people too but what we say and what we do is what can help this place and destroy it.

My home is Thamesmead. I’ve done some legal things in this place and illegal like jumping into the lake, going shopping and getting let off by 10p or going into an abandoned golf court. I remember getting stuck and asking for a ladder to get my friend out or making a gas room my secret base.

Got locked out – wish I could go McDonalds though and feeding the ducks or going on a long walk. Playing games, having a barbecue which, btw, I never like but that’s Thamesmead for you but my fav memory is jumping in a lake and my least favourite is seeing a ghost.

This story can be seen here:
My Story by Lauran Pope


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