At Birchmere Lake

I Moved to Birchmere Close, in June 2019 after a difficult period in my life. Shortly, after moving here, I discovered Birchmere Park and Lake and, both have been nothing short of redemptive. Birchmere Park gave me a place to walk, clear my head and rekindle my love for nature. And, it was during this time that I was inspired to write my first book of poems, Birchmere. It was published by Westbow Press in February 2021. The park features heavily in the book and the cover is a picture I took one morning on a walk around the Lake. I have since written another book, An Open Window. The poem attached, At Birchmere Lake, illustrates the effect that the Lake has on me even today. I can honestly say that Birchmere has had a huge impact on my life and, with the fantastic artistic community I am proud to be a part of here, it will continue to inspire me.

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