Bench in Birchmere

I wanted to talk about a bench in Birchmere park. This one bench connects a lot of memories and stories I have and whenever I go to it I think of all those moments.

This one time when my friends came over from all over London, (everyone always thinks it’s a bit of a drive). We stayed until super late and just chatted, and drunk, later going on a walk around the lake and staying for quite a bit next to the bench.

The other time when we first moved to Thamesmead and I just sat there and appreciated the beauty of the lake.

This other time when I and my gran went on a walk near it chatting about nothing and everything.

And so many more! I feel like if that bench could talk it could tell me many things about myself.

There is a response to this story here: Ibtisam Echchafiki


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