Fishing in Birchmere Park (Thamesmead)

So me and my partner are keen fisher people.

We love nothing more than sitting near a river bank or lake and dipping a rod. Because, we live locally, we fish lots of local spots. We love Birchmere Lake. There is nothing more fun than packing our thermos with tea and taking a packed lunch, or cooking something tasty on our portable stove.

We have had so many lazy days on the Birchmere Lake, feeling as if we were a million miles from anywhere, when in reality there is a big shopping centre just nearby.

On one fantastic day we fished under a drooping willow tree on the lake, listening to the birds and watching fish turning in the water.

All of a sudden ‘wham’ John caught a big bite. It was a massive bream. John said it was as big as a dustbin lid! I had to use our big net to help get it in.

We took a picture with it and released it back into the water unharmed. This one will probably never be caught again and it must be one of the biggest fish there ever! Anyway, that is what we are telling everyone because it was THIS BIG…….!

Viv and John
From CraftA

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