Jane Francis Inebe – Jerusha share’s her grandmothers legacy

Jane Francis Inebe was a Ugandan who became a British Citizen, she came to the UK to seek asylum from her then war-torn country. She was a devout Christian who had a heart for helping others and serving her community. She would not see anyone in need and pass by without helping. Jane passed away in the year 2021. She was a greatly loved and well-respected family matriarch, a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and a friend to so many who is still greatly miss her.

In her career life, Jane Inebe had served her country Uganda has a Diplomat a broad for many years in France and Denmark before she was recalled after a military coup in Uganda ended her Diplomatic service. When she gained a asylum in Britain she worked for the COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE in Kensington before returning to sturdy as a mature student. She is an alumni of Greenwich University where she graduated with a First in BA Humanities and a Masters in Gender Studies. She then founded and managed HARAMBEE WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION and PAMOJA YOUTH PROJECT at the Macbean Centre in Woolwich that assisted disadvantaged, and refugee women and youth suffering from domestic violence, loneliness, trauma and other social deprivations. She helped them get therapy and got them in contact with the right social service departments such as housing, training, child care etc. and social workers.

Jane’s other passion was art, she loved to draw, paint and embroider which she taught the women and brought in other artists to teach them as well. She also used dance and performance especially with the youth as therapy, this promoted healing from traumas and facilitated social inclusion. She was recognized for her dedicated work for these disadvantaged women and youth and was awarded THE GREENWICH WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD by the Mayor of Greenwich in the year 2000.

She then worked as a manager for BEDE HOUSE in Southwark where she continued to help disadvantaged women. She also worked as a Community Development Worker at WELCARE Woolwich where she continued to work with abused and disadvantaged women before retiring due to ill health.

Jane Inebe’s art was not just her passion but a joy that kept her fulfilled after she retired. She was vivacious and imaginative and loved her art to tell stories from her African cultural roots. From the bright colours she used in her work whether by embroidery, which she did by hand or paintings, you feel her vibrant and imaginative spirit. She also wrote Poetry and cultural children’s humorous stories.

In life Jane was self-deprecating about her achievements and talents. We her family are pleased and honoured that Jane Inebe a brilliant and selfless soul, a star in her own right, is honoured in this way as the community she loved and lived in for over 33 years finally gets to see her work and enjoy it!

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  1. Wow, Jerusha I found myself so engross in your beautifully told story of your Precious Grandmother. What a wonderful woman.And of course we can see how very proud of her you are. I think her art work is fabulous and would love to see it display somewhere. All the very best to you for your future. I can tell you will do very well and go far in life.God bless you and your family. Xx

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