Living and working here is a gift

My name is Ruth and I’ve lived locally for nearly 6 months. I’m in charge of one of the churches in the Thamesmead team. I believe that God called me to come and work here.

Previously living in Battersea and loving it there my job was coming to an end. I had to face reality and search for another job. I heard about the one as Vicar at William Temple Church in Abbey Wood. Was this the right move? As I prayed about the idea, I sensed God say, “This is my gift to you”.

I’ve met quite a few people who think it’s a dreadful place to live and work. In fact, a neighbour recently asked me

“How are you getting on in Scabby Wood?”

It was a stunningly beautiful sunny day and I told her there was absolutely no way she could say that when the day was so lovely.

I know I’m new in but so far working and living here really does feel like a gift from God!

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