The power of nature

Dizana Jinthusan

This lake reminds me of the meaning of calm. Whenever this lake is in my own vision, it tells me a message. To be calm, to not get distracted and to focus on my dreams. To me the river represents stillness, the trees represent nature and the flowers represent beauty. To me this extraordinary place represents the beauty of the Earth and beauty around us.

The Earh gives us beautiful and tropical places. I think we should learn to treasure, love and care for our planet which is why I chose to do this. This also represents how the Earth could look if we didn’t litter.

Let’s learn to love our planet.

Dizana from Harris Garrard School responded to the FOEW installation and created this textile artwork inspired by their experiences of the area of Thamesmead.

The materials and equipment were also generously supplied by the Royal school of Needlework as part of their ‘Embroider a Selfie’ programme, more details can be found here

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