Alivia Lloyd

Whilst listening to canes story l gained his great sense of amazement over Thamesmead and the fun, free childhood he had growing up there. I have stitched elements that jumped out to me whilst listening.

Cane described Thamesmead as “amazing” due to all the greenery which was a strong contrast from the built-up environment of Hammersmith where he first lived. This is represented with a collaged appliqué across the top of the frame.

On top of the applique are motifs that represent the story, told like the reminiscences of playing in the park and his first house down Coralline walk. Central to the frame and in larger scale is an open plug head. Canes story of being an electrician from a young age inspired me to create this embroidered piece as I felt it was what represented him.

I really enjoyed researching Thamesmead and finding out about Cane and his story, I had so much fun hand stitching all these motifs that represented a part of Canes childhood.

Follow the link to Cane’s story

This story can be seen here:
We lived on raised platforms by Cane Smith


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