Cathy MacDonald

Miyuki Kasahara story reflects a love of nature, an interest in Ornithology, a connection with the community and hope for the future.
Elements that became of interest to me were the connection with the Youth project, litter and obviously the Harrier!
Throughout my work on this project, I have tried to use recycled and waste materials in respect for the basis of the story. I have used waste papers in my sketch book, waste threads from other students in the studio for felting, plastic bags, card packaging and the base of soft fruit packaging for sequins.

I knew I would use the image of a bird as the focus of the design and was taken with the idea of murmuration. I felt this would be something that would translate well into stitch.

As the Marsh Harriers have had a troubled existence, becoming completely extinct in the UK and then breeding programmes threatened by pollution and loss of habitat, I liked the idea of murmuration representing the bird. This is a phenomenon that happens involving thousands of birds and I felt that this would be symbolic.

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This story can be seen here:
Marsh Harrier`s Shadow by Miyuki Kasahara


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