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Tapiwa Dingwiza migrated to the UK from Zimbabwe ten years ago and discusses the connectedness of Thamesmead and how everything she needs is right on her doorstep. She explains having to raise her children whilst studying fashion and tailoring and recalls a time when she took her children to the park whilst sewing a jacket for an assignment that was due. Tapiwa also treasures her memories of making scrubs for NHS staff earlier on in the coronavirus pandemic. In my final design, I wanted to include as many aspects of Tapiwa’s story as possible because she talks so positively and proudly about so many different aspects of her life in Thamesmead. I have focused on creating two main visual themes in my design: transport and tailoring which I have merged at points, e.g. a zipper which becomes a set of train tracks.

The ‘sewing in the park’ part of her story resonated most with me as it shows this level of dedication Tapiwa has both to her children and her craft. I’ve kept the children in my design as silhouettes because I don’t know how many children she has or what they look like. I have included the geese in my design as they are a part of Tapiwa’s video. The birds are also able to represent the liveliness and freedom that Thamesmead provides. I have portrayed these silhouettes in the colours of the Zimbabwean flag as a subtle nod to Tapiwa’s heritage. My overall colour scheme is taken from the London tube map, as this again links to the visual transport theme.

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This story can be seen here:
Thamesmead and me by Tapiwa Dingwiza


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