Eliza Burt

My embroidery is a visual response to a story by Phyllis Grant. She was born in 1938 on Belvedere Marsh to a Traveller family. They lived in a beautiful yellow and red wagon. It had a carved lion head on it and was pulled by a big brown horse.

As a little girl, Phyllis was helping her parents during pea picking season. She worked really hard and for the earned money her Mum was buying her pleated skirts.

The embroidery border was inspired by pea fields. I have also included the wagon, with a gold lion and the ‘big brown horse’. Phyllis is depicted as a happy little girl with baskets full of pea and her statement pleated skirt.

Follow the link to see Phyllis’ story https://g-foew.art/story/born-on-belvedere-marsh/

This story can be seen here:
Born on Belvedere Marsh by Phyllis Grant


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