Kim Cotton


Since returning from Canada, Deborah appears to have dedicated her life to trying to improve Thamesmead; working within the community, for the community. I wanted to represent her inspiring passion for the whole geographic area. The Maple leaf portrays her Canadian upbringing, whilst almost also giving the impression of a huge red heart – Deborah’s love for her neighbourhood.

Like Deborah, the lines on the map are strong and determined; each section of roads is depicted in a different stitch, to represent the individual personality of each area, whilst still being part of the whole society.

I wanted to highlight two of the areas in which Deborah has made a difference, whilst sitting on various community and charity boards; the demolition of the Yarnton Way Wall and the increase in lighting. I was inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi which highlights imperfections and repairs in gold, to celebrate an object’s ongoing story or its improvement through destruction. Therefore, the areas touched by Deborah’s community involvement are embroidered in gold threads.

I felt it was also important to recognise Deborah’s Ghanaian surname, so I have added Kente buttons to represent her and her children.

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