‘Neon Tower blocks’ Thamesmead Mural

This mural represents Thamesmead as it was 47 years ago when my nan and grandad moved to town. There is reference to architecture that is no longer here and a secret nod to a structure, the boiler house, which I remember vividly growing up which is now a circle block of flats. I welcome the new, the incredible developments that are underway, I believe that this should be celebrated but our beginnings should not be forgotten.

Thamesmead holds the biggest place in my heart, the backdrop of so many memories and an obvious influence in my creative practice. It has been the biggest achievement to have created artwork for my community that will be there forever, and I just hope that everyone can enjoy seeing our town through my brightly coloured outlook.

“I think that putting art in public spaces allows everyone to have an opinion on it – even a negative one is welcome in my eyes. It helps to blur the line when it comes to availability, because even when they’re open, for many, the fees to see an exhibition or a gallery just aren’t viable or a priority. Why not put it in front of people, for free, so that everyone has the opportunity to see, learn, and be inspired?” -Paige Denham

More info can be found at www.paigedenham.com

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