Thamesmead and Play Mural

This mural is all about play. It references all Thamesmead has to offer currently, but also in the near future, for kids ages 1-98 to let their hair down and have FUN. From parks, to local radio stations, boating clubs, local nature reserves and of course play within our homes, this mural is packed with playful patterns and prints all in a primary coloured inspired palette which is notorious with children’s play.

The biggest moment of pride when painting these murals in my hometown is when I bring my nan to see them. She cries and my mum cries and then I cry. Thamesmead was a new beginning for my nan and grandad, a town where they could afford their very own home. With my mum and uncle in tow they relocated from Woolwich to Thamesmead and built a life with Thamesmead as the backdrop. Mum and dad bought their first tiny home a few roads away and then when I was born moved into the home I live in now which is just around the corner from my nan.

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